What is brevo?

A marketing automation software called brevo provides a number of tools for managing marketing campaigns for companies. It offers a comprehensive solution for conversation, automation of marketing, email marketing, and SMS marketing.

We’ll go through brevo’s many advantages in this blog post and explain why companies of all sizes are increasingly choosing it.

what is brevo


Email Marketing

The email marketing tools from brevo let you design and distribute email campaigns to those who subscribe. The dragging and dropping email editor lets you make stunning emails that are responsive to multiple devices. Additionally, you may tailor your emails to your subscribers’ actions, hobbies, and demography. The following are some aspects of brevo’s email marketing tools:

  • A/B testing
  • Automated campaigns
  • Email templates
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Real-time reporting

SMS Marketing

brevo provides SMS marketing solutions that let you text your subscribers as an alternative to email marketing. Based on the actions, hobbies, and demography of your subscribers, it’s possible to design personalized and targeted SMS campaigns. The following are some characteristics of brevo’s SMS marketing tools:

  • Automated campaigns
  • Personalization
  • Shortcodes
  • SMS templates
  • Delivery Tracking

Marketing Automation

You may automate your marketing campaigns with brevo’s marketing automation solutions by basing them on the demographics, behavior, and preferences of your subscribers. You may design processes that send time-sensitive, tailored messages to your subscribers. The following are some characteristics of brevo’s marketing automation tools:

  • Workflow editor
  • Lead scoring
  • Triggered emails
  • SMS automation
  • E-commerce automation


You may have real-time conversations with website visitors with brevo’s chat service. The chat function may be used to gather leads, give help, and respond to inquiries. The chat tool from brevo has a few functions, such as:

  • Customizable chat widget
  • Automated messages
  • File sharing
  • Chat history
  • Real-time monitoring

brevo Benefits

It’s simple to create email campaigns with brevo. For straightforward campaigns, start by including the sender’s name, the subject, and the name. 

brevo lets you know which emails are functioning, which is helpful feedback. You’ll receive notifications when emails bounce if you’re utilizing the transactional system.

A crucial component of any advertisement is social media. The program completely accommodates this requirement and enables Facebook ad personalization. Additionally, brevo tracks the effectiveness of the advertisements, which is helpful for boosting involvement in the future.

One of brevo’s strengths is its ability to facilitate efficient communication. The platform provides several channels for communication. You may organize and assign a number of tasks using the platform’s CRM. Furthermore, you may use the shared box feature to distribute files and monitor the feedback received from clients.

brevo Pricing

brevo provides four unique pricing tiers with costs ranging from $0 to $71. 

These are:

brevo price

brevo Plans provide flexibility and cost.

If you’re new to e-marketing or want to evaluate the software’s applicability to your company, the Free Plan is a wonderful place to start. You are permitted to send 9,000 emails every month to an unlimited number of recipients with the free plan. Considering the endless email alternatives compared to the freebies provided on other sites, it is a fantastic possibility. The lack of any extra features makes the plan constrained.

The Micro Plan, which costs $7.37 for 40,000 emails monthly, is the least expensive.

The 60,000 monthly emails included in the Bronze package cost $42 per month.

The deal-breaker is the Silver plan. It costs a stunning $71 per month for 21,000 pieces of mail, which is extremely expensive.

Large enterprises can expand up to 15 million emails each month over the Silver plan at an extra expense.

brevo Customer Support: 

brevo has a solid support network. The majority of the pages provide a help button and helpful information. Simply open a ticket for your problem if you need more technical help, and a representative will respond to you right away. A toll-free number has been given so that you may contact a customer service person if you need any extra assistance.

brevo Pros and Cons

Overall rate: 4.2/5

Free Trial with a few functions and a daily email cap of 300Limited features with Free and Lite plans
Cost is based on emails not on subscribersJust 2 variations in the split test
SMS campaign and custom chatbotCan’t do a split test on the first mail
Along with third-party integration API integration is also available.Drag and drop creation seems to be limited
Facebook ads create fully pledged contacts.provides only 65 predesigned templates comparatively less with Aweber and Getresponse
You can personalize your email designWorkflow is a little difficult to design
brevo website and help are available in 6 different languages.Complete tech support is not available
Adding contacts with form and landing page is incorporatedBut, it’s available on paid plans
CRM integration is also availableDomain metric feature only available on highly paid plans
It has a bounce management system where you can get the report on the hard and soft bounceAdding an image in HTML is a little difficult

Is brevo good for email marketing?

brevo is a well-rounded free package with a maximum of 300 emails each day, marketing automation, and phone assistance (for the first 60 days).

brevo is recommended if,

  • You need to send one-on-one campaigns: Among the greatest solutions for trigger-based and transactional emails is brevo. You may create campaigns that are triggered by clicks, opens, and even website visits using its automation workflow builder. Additionally, its specialized transactional area supports all manner of notifications, including confirmations of sign-up, purchases, and password resets. Even sending SMS is a possibility.
  • You want a sophisticated tool on a lower budget: brevo works out to be a lot cheaper than other comparable tools if you send a few emails to the same people.
  • You’re an e-commerce: brevo is well-suited to service ecommerce because to functionality like customisable triggers based on purchase data, the capacity of importing client orders, and customizable KPIs.

Can I use brevo for lead generation?

brevo is undoubtedly useful for lead generation. brevo really provides a number of tools and features that are intended expressly to assist businesses in capturing leads and converting them into customers. Here is how to utilize brevo to generate leads:

  1. Create a lead magnet: An e-book, whitepaper, or free trial are examples of lead magnets that you might provide to website visitors in return for their contact details. You may use brevo to build a landing page that advertises your lead magnet and gathers email addresses from site visitors.
  2. Use web forms: You may develop editable online forms using brevo and embed them on your website to gather leads. You may design a variety of forms, including pop-up, slide-in, and embedded forms, and then brand them to go with your logo.
  3. Set up lead scoring: A system known as lead scoring awards points to your leads depending on their actions and level of involvement with your brand. brevo allows you to create lead evaluation rules that dynamically grade your leads according to events like email opens, clicks, and website visits.
  4. Segment your audience: You may segment your email list with brevo depending on a variety of factors, including behavior, passions, and demographic data. Your conversion rates may increase if you divide your audience so that you can offer your leads more individualized and targeted messaging.
  5. Use marketing automation: You may create automatic campaigns using brevo’s marketing automation functionality that is triggered by predefined behaviors or activities. You might, for instance, put up a re-engagement campaign for inactive leads or an automatic welcoming sequence for new subscribers.
  6. Analyze your results: Finally, it’s critical to monitor and evaluate your outcomes to determine how effective your lead creation strategies are. To help you continuously improve your campaigns, brevo offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that let you monitor stats like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Empowering Lead Generation with Brevo’s Tools and Services

  • brevo provides a range of tools and services that can aid in lead generation and customer conversion. You can establish successful lead-generation campaigns with brevo by generating attractive lead magnets, utilizing customized web forms, setting up lead scoring, segmenting your audience, utilizing marketing automation, and evaluating your results.

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