What is Flywheel Hosting

To web developers, advertising firms, and designers of websites, Flywheel Hosting offers WordPress hosting services.

The web hosting firm offers the dependable services and quick performance necessary to guarantee that your site functions without a hitch.

Founded in 2012, Flywheel Hosting has expanded to become a top WordPress hosting provider in the sizable online development sector.

The business established itself to provide dependable and superior site hosting services to WordPress designers and developers worldwide.

In addition to offering hosting services, this also makes it simple for you to build a website from the start utilizing its free demo sites and one-click staging capabilities.

An intuitive dashboard and a well-designed user interface are features of Flywheel hosting. A robust network architecture supports it, optimized for balance, speed, and security enhancements.

The Flywheel Cloud Platform (powered by GCP) offered by Flywheel outperforms most rivals in terms of speed, dependability, power, scalability, and resilience, earning renown.

Developers and designers alike have praised Flywheel from its beginnings. Because of their singular focus on WordPress hosting, they can offer users high-quality, dependable dedicated hosting services for WordPress.

Flywheel Review from Our Experts

The rapidly expanding web hosting company Flywheel offers seasoned designers, developers, and organizations a nicely designed hosting interface with the power to back up the good looks. It is laser-focused on providing dependable WordPress hosting.

Flywheel belongs to a more seasoned customer base that recognizes the value of a technological stack specially designed for hosting the most widely used content management system in the world.

Flywheel tailors a unique cloud setup for every client, perfect for WordPress—a distinctive hosting approach. They revamped infrastructure with the Google Cloud Platform, providing high-availability hosting and dedicated resources for busy websites.

The performance of Flywheel was better than expected in practically every category. Flywheel’s pricing plans offer excellent value for money thanks to its user-friendly design and quick page loads.

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FlyWheel Feature..

Flywheel Hosting Plans and Features


Users can choose from 3 hosting plans and a bespoke hosting option through Flywheel Hosting. The cost of the hosting plan ranges from $105 to $266 per month for the bulk plan and from $23 per month for a single website plan.

If you’re just starting your website or blog, the $23 per month plan is perfect for you. It includes essential aspects often excluded from typical shared hosting plans offered by other web hosting providers, all within the pricing.

For modestly sized websites with minimal traffic, the $23 beginning pricing plan is effective; but, if your website expands and traffic rises, you will need to change to the bulk hosting plan.


Free Migrations

You can migrate your website for free. You need not be concerned if you wish to move your website from your existing hosting provider to Flywheel.

Without any hiccups or protracted downtime, Flywheel will assist you in migrating your website to the hosting plan of your choosing.


Flywheel gives you such a collaborators option where you’re able to add your collaborators. This makes adding collaborators simple and quick for you.

Password Protection

The security procedure safeguards critical data on your dashboard through password protection.

The feature guarantees the security and safety of your dashboard by limiting access to the person who has the password. Flywheel offers password protection so that you can safeguard your websites.


The function guarantees that only authorized users can access your dashboard. Among the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing a web hosting provider is a high uptime. Uptime is the length of time a web host is capable of maintaining clients’ websites active and operational.

Conclusion: Is Flywheel the Right Choice for You?

A very good WordPress hosting website with a lovely front-end and back-end user experience is Flywheel Hosting.

The dashboard’s ease of use makes it simple for you to access various settings and functions. Every feature is situated for simple access. This makes it easy for novices and expert WordPress users to swiftly set up new WordPress sites.

You spend less time on the dashboard as a result. The majority of shared web hosting panels are complicated, and accessing various options may call for special navigational skills.

Using Flywheel, this isn’t the case because using the dashboard is so simple, and installing a new WordPress website doesn’t call for any specialized knowledge.

Flywheel has an outstanding design which most designers would find remarkable upon first glance.

Usually, designers will discover that Flywheel UX is attractive, simple, and simple to use. The first quality you should look for in a web hosting company is how simple it is to use.

Any web designer, developer, or WordPress user searching for a dependable web hosting provider that is focused on WordPress would receive our highest recommendation for Flywheel hosting.

Flywheel Coupon

This business, which is renowned for its simplicity, was created from the bottom up for designers and other creatives who require an immediate and straightforward method of hosting WordPress websites.

You’re in luck since WPKube has an exclusive deal with Flywheel that entitles readers to a multiple hosting discount by using the promo code wpkubeisfly. Given that many hosting companies ask you to join up for a full year, this is a good value, and it’s excellent to save money in the early months of your website launch.

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