What is constant contact and how does it work

What is constant contact?

With the help of Constant Contact, a potent email marketing platform, businesses can design and distribute emails to their users that seem polished. The platform provides a wealth of capabilities to assist companies of all kinds in expanding their email lists, engaging their audiences, and turning more potential clients into paying customers.

Among Constant Contact’s primary features is its user-friendly email editor, which enables you to make personalized email templates that reflect your brand and style. Additionally, you can select from a variety of pre-made templates and edit them as you see fit. Constant Contact simplifies the process of uploading and segmenting your email lists, ensuring that your communications are sent to the appropriate audience.

Additionally, Constant Contact offers sophisticated email automation capabilities allowing you to send targeted, personalized emails in response to specific behaviors or activities. You can configure triggered emails, for instance, when a subscriber clicks a link or makes a purchase. This degree of automation enables you to establish more solid bonds with your subscribers and raises the likelihood that you will succeed in getting them to become paying clients.

Constant Contact’s landing page builder empowers you to design personalized landing pages optimized for conversions. With this tool, you can develop landing pages intended to attract leads and guide them through your sales funnel.

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How to work constant contact email marketing tool?

We will now talk about how to use that specific tool. 

Here’s how it works:

Create an Account:

You must first register for a Constant Contact account. You can register for a free trial to have temporary access to each of the capabilities of the platform.

Build Your Email List:

You may start growing your email list as soon as you create an account. Contacts can be imported from a number of places, such as Excel spreadsheets, Gmail, and Outlook. Additionally, you can get fresh email addresses by using your website or social media platforms.

Create Your Email:

You can start crafting your email once you have your list ready. You may select from a variety of customizable email templates provided by Constant Contact or design your own from the start. In order to make your emails more interesting, you can also include text, links, and images in them.

Send Your Email:

You can send your email to your subscribers after creating it. You can choose to send it immediately or schedule it for a later delivery. Ensuring your emails reach the right recipients involves segmenting your list based on factors such as location or engagement.

Analyze Your Results:

You can review your data to determine how well your email did after it has been sent. They offers comprehensive insights on your open rates, click-through rates, and other important information, enabling you to improve your upcoming email campaigns.

What features does they offer?

Following are a few of Constant Contact’s notable characteristics:

Customizable Templates:

It makes it simple to generate expert-looking emails that are consistent with your brand and messaging by providing a variety of editable email templates to pick from.

List Management:

With Constant Contact, you can swiftly import and manage your email list, segmenting it based on various factors to ensure your communications reach the appropriate recipients.

Email Creation Tools:

With the help of Constant Contact’s drag-and-drop email editor, you can quickly and effortlessly add pictures, text, and hyperlinks to your emails. To make sure your emails look fantastic on every device, users can preview them prior to sending them.

Automated Emails:

With the help of Constant Contact, you can develop automatic email campaigns that send your subscribers customized messages depending on their actions, preferences, and other factors.

Landing Pages:

You can build landing pages with Constant Contact to increase traffic and gather leads. You may alter these pages to reflect your company’s identity and messaging, and you can use thorough analytics to monitor how well they are performing.

A/B Testing:

You can test various iterations of your emails with Constant Contact to see which works the best. This aids in campaign optimization for improved outcomes.


For your email campaigns, they offers comprehensive data, including open rates, click-through rates, and more. With the use of this information, you may improve the performance of your upcoming campaigns.

Constant contact pricing

Core Plan

This is Constant Contact’s entry-level package, ideal for people just getting started in the email marketing industry. It has fundamental features including trackable templates, reporting, and automatic greeting sequences. It also comes with built-in A/B testing, although only for subject lines, unlike the basic plans of some other services.

For members with 500 or fewer, monthly costs begin at 956. The price rises significantly with each consecutive pricing category. In general, even the more affordable package is a pricey choice. If you pay for the initial six months in advance, you receive a 10% discount; if you pay for the first twelve months in advance, you receive a 15% discount.

Particularly noteworthy is the Constant Contact nonprofit pricing, where the reductions rise to 20% and 30%, respectively, for eligible organisations. And unlike many other businesses, it extends this offer to organisations worldwide, not simply those in the US. To demonstrate that you are a nonprofit, all you need to do is present a document issued by the government of your nation.

I would recommend the fundamental plan for business owners who simply need the bare minimum of functionality and have small contact lists. It lacks important features such as advanced automated email series and surveys.. But since even the basic edition is on the pricey side, I generally advise upgrading to Plus.

Constant Contact Core Plan Pricing

ContactsMonthly pricePrice for 6 months paid upfrontPrice for 12 months paid upfront

Keep in mind that the additional plan is immediately upgraded for list sizes beyond 50,000 connections. Contact Constant Contact for a personalised quotation if you’ve got more than 50,000 subscribers and wish to stay with the Core plan.

Constant Contact Plus Plan

The Additional plan includes each function of the basic plan along with significant upgrades, such as extensive e-commerce marketing, automated email series, coupons, event RSVPs, and several other practical features.Additionally, automated resending is part of it, which we have examined in our Constant Contact review

Constant Contact campaign types – surveys

There is no doubt: choose Plus if you are a small business owner who wants complete automation and advanced features.

Instead of the five users offered by the Core plan, Additional offers limitless members if you’re collaborating with a team. With regard to online shopping, websites, and customer service, there are no significant differences. The free new client consultation that comes with the Plus plan purchase and where Constant Contact will walk you through the software is an intriguing addition.

The ability for consumers to make contributions online through a safe, mobile-friendly page is a feature that nonprofits will also value.

Make sure to fully commit before signing up for Plus on Constant Contact, considering the significant cost variance between the two programs. The same savings as previously mentioned apply here, along with the option of a free trial lasting either 60 days or one month (based on your area) and a guaranteed full refund.

Constant Contact Plus Plan Pricing

ContactsMonthly pricePrice for 6 months paid upfrontPrice for 12 months paid upfront

Constant contact pros and cons


Tons of email newsletter templates. With all kinds of occasions, Constant Contact has a huge selection of email newsletter templates. Additionally, they are very well optimised for conversions.  

Intuitive and feature-rich editor. Using the Constant Contact editor, you can make amazing emails whether you’re a seasoned designer or a complete novice. There are several helpful widgets available, including surveys, goods, and more.

Ease of use. The use of Constant Contact couldn’t be simpler. The automations tool in particular is significantly simpler than the majority of rival platforms. Additionally, the user interface (UI) of the entire programme is simple and clear.

Great for event marketing. The best aspects of Constant Contact are heavily focused on event marketing. The greatest landing page/email templates are those created to advertise activities and encourage registrations, and the event builder is quite amazing.

Affordable for small lists. Pricing for Constant Contact is tailored at entrepreneurs and small companies. If you simply have a few contacts, the digital marketing plans won’t break the bank, and you receive a lot of capabilities for your money (although they do grow expensive for huge lists).


Difficult to cancel. No one should require a phone call for asking for a cancellation. But regrettably, Constant Contact falls within that category.No one should require a phone call for asking for a cancellation. But regrettably, Constant Contact falls within that category.

Overwhelmingly negative TrustPilot reviews. It’s depressing to browse through the TrustPilot evaluations for Constant Contact. Numerous references are made to subpar customer service, billing mistakes, and problems receiving reimbursements. Even this would cause me to pause.

Social media features are very basic. The social scheduling feature from Constant Contact seems a bit like a last-minute addition. It provides only extremely basic scheduling options and doesn’t support many social media platforms. It surely isn’t a substitute for what is “true” SMM tools like Agorapulse or SocialBee.

Upsells. Constant Contact has a tonne of capabilities when you first use it, but I found it a little annoying how frequently it attempted to sell me on costly upgrades. Upgrades to more costly plans are necessary in order to access functionality like Google Ads & SEO, sophisticated automation, etc.

No website builder. Although Constant Contact is capable of many things, it is not yet able to develop complete websites. You can only create a single landing page. You should therefore link the system with your current WordPress site or blog to get the most out of it e-commerce store.

Is constant contact a CRM tool?

Although its primary function is email marketing, Constant Contact also provides some fundamental customer relationship management (CRM) tools to assist users in managing their client data. In contrast to specialised CRM platforms like Salesforce or Hubspot, Constant Contact’s CRM features are constrained.

In this article, we’ll examine Constant Contact’s CRM capabilities and debate whether it qualifies as a full-featured CRM service.

Contact Management:

Customers’ contact details, like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts, can be stored and managed by users using Constant Contact. To record extra data including customer preferences or purchase history, customers can also add custom fields to their contact database.

List Segmentation:

Customers may target particular groups with email campaigns by segmenting their contact lists based on numerous factors, like purchase history or involvement levels. Customers can send targeted emails to particular groups with this functionality, which can help their email campaigns be more successful.

Activity Tracking:

Users of Constant Contact can monitor client activity, such as email openings and clicks, to learn more about how customers behave and how engaged they are. Users can utilize this data to group their contacts into different groups, personalize communications, and enhance email marketing campaigns.

Integration with other tools:

To sync client information across systems, Constant Contact can be coupled with additional tools like Salesforce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Users can handle their client data more effectively and enhance their entire customer experience due to this connection.

Why is constant contact not working?

It can be aggravating and detrimental to your company’s customer communications if you are having problems with Constant Contact, like not being able to send emails or accessing your account. 

In this blog post, we will go through some typical causes of Constant Contact issues and how to fix them.

Internet Connection Issues:

Constant Contact difficulties could be brought on by a poor internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is steady and dependable, then attempt to reload the page.

Browser Compatibility Issues:

Occasionally, Constant Contact may not function because of problems with your browser. Make sure your browser is current and that it is being used with the appropriate software.

Account Issues:

It’s possible that account problems are the cause of being unable to log into your Constant Contact account. Make that your account is current and that your login information is accurate.

Server Issues:

Constant Contact may occasionally encounter server problems that prevent it from functioning properly. Verify the website and social media pages of Constant Contact to see if any difficulties have been mentioned.

Email Content Issues:

This may be a problem with the email content if you’re unable to send emails using Constant Contact. Verify that the email complies with Constant Contact’s requirements, including those for a clear subject line and an unsubscribe link.

There are several potential causes for Constant Contact to not be functioning. You can solve the majority of Constant Contact difficulties by looking at your internet connection, browser compatibility, account status, server problems, and email content. Get more help from Constant Contact’s customer service if you’re still having problems.

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