50 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Explore in 2023

best chatgpt prompts

The conversational language model ChatGPT was created by OpenAI and is part of the ChatGPT Prompts series. It is built using the structure of transformers and trained on a significant amount of textual information to produce responses that resemble those of a human being when given a stimulus. The model is applicable to a wide range of NLP tasks, including but not restricted to dialogue management, question-answering, and text production.

Customers can train chatbots to gather data, combine knowledge from the past, and do innovative jobs using ChatGPT, which is quickly gaining popularity. Visitors may request everything on ChatGPT, including trivia, marketing, historical, and educational questions.

50 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Explore in (2023):

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  • Marketing ChatGPT Prompts
  • Gaming ChatGPT Prompts
  • Entertainment ChatGPT Prompts
  • Business ChatGPT Prompts 
  • Educational ChatGPT Prompts
  • Health and Medicine ChatGPT Prompts
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What is a Prompt?

Any word or group of words that you can type into an AI application like ChatGPT constitutes a prompt. Based on its internal database of information, the gadget will analyze the prompt and produce an answer. Users will enhance ChatGPT’s analytical capabilities using a variety of prompts because AI-powered tools like these can continuously learn from prompts. 

You should include a complete and accurate context when creating prompts for ChatGPT so that the model can produce a response. Following are some suggestions:

Be specific: Give as much information as you can about the question you’re posing and the setting for which it’s meant.

Be concise: Your prompts should be succinct and direct, concentrating on the most important information.

Use natural language: Use correct syntax and structure for sentences while writing prompts, just as you would when asking someone a question.

Avoid ambiguity: Avoid utilizing unclear or broken phrases that provide room for interpretation.

Move away from yes and no questions: Regarding precision, these yes-or-no questions could not elicit as thorough a response as other sorts of questions. 

Consider tone and style: To make sure the response ChatGPT generates complies with your ideal approach, take into account the voice and formatting of your prompts.

The overall objective is to give ChatGPT a precise and clear prompt so that it may utilize that prompt to produce a well-organized and pertinent response.

ChatGPT Prompts

While utilizing ChatGPT, the opportunities are endless. Here are our suggested prompts to make your experience enjoyable, stimulating, and useful!

Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

Because of the complexity and saturation of online marketing, creatives may occasionally run out of ideas. ChatGPT can be a tool to rekindle your sense of creativity, examine your social media tactics, and maintain the inspiration for your campaigns. Check out these marketing-related prompts:

Ad Ideas: ChatGPT can be used to develop concepts for various advertising initiatives. You can choose the good or service, your target market, and the channel on which to run the advertisement. 

Can you design a probiotic drink advertisement aimed at those between the ages of 18 and 30?

Stats: Inquire about facts or brief definitions of a good or service.

“Market research on transfer apps in Thailand”

Blog Ideas: Ask queries about blog topics or material.

Would you mind sharing some suggestions for blog entries that emphasize the benefits and drawbacks of recycling plastic?

Will you mind letting me know which SEO blog topics will work most effectively for a website selling green bath products?

Marketing Channel: Ask about the best channel to use for your promotion.

Which marketing channel is most effective for activewear?

SEO: Create keyword-focused material that is free of plagiarism.

Can you write two articles covering the keywords HVAC services if you are an SEO expert?

Please submit long-tail keywords related to mountain bikes.

“Would you kindly draught a pitch email for a guest post? In each email, include the phrase “plastic-free”. Make sure you use this keyword in 5 title suggestions. 

Web traffic: Inquire about tactics for organic traffic.

“Can you give me five free methods to increase the organic traffic to my website?”

CTA: Ask for suggestions on CTAs for your particular product or service.

“Create five eye-catching CTA messages and buttons for an online pharmacy app.”

Links: Learn about backlinking methods.

What are the top 4 strategies for building high-quality backlinks to my site about food tasting?

Gaming ChatGPT Prompts

Consumers may quickly get facts and trustworthy information via ChatGPT, but it can also be asked to facilitate games. If you wish to spend some time relaxing, consider the following examples:

Traditional Games: You can request that ChatGPT play old games.

“Imagine you are my chess partner who is going to play with me. My initial turn is on e4. Write down your next move.

Play the role of the dungeon master for a party of three characters while using the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook. We’ll be introduced along with our names, skills, and backstories. When it is my turn, you will let me know.

“Could you create a puzzle game where the answer is a 4-digit code?”

Guessing Game: You can utilise ChatGPT to play guessing games and other entertaining tasks, but be careful to explain the rules thoroughly before the bot begins.

“I had a character in mind. Try to identify the character I’m thinking about in less than ten yes-or-no questions now.

“Let’s have a car trivia game.”

Play two truths and a lie, please.

Entertainment ChatGPT Prompts

You may begin a fun chat outside of games by requesting ChatGPT to assume a specific identity. You can ask it to create material in the roles of the interviewee, subject-matter authority, host, etc. Here are some examples of prompts:

“I want you to serve as a coaching motivator. I’ll offer you a sample situation about obstacles, and it’s your job to respond with uplifting statements and wise counsel. What advice would you give to a student who is having trouble approaching his parents regarding switching his field of study?

“Type me a song impersonating Eminem that mocks Gen Z.”

Write a little story about Bud and Dud, two close friends who frequently miss work due to amusing occurrences.

Two monks enter an Irish pub after leaving. Continue to tell the joke.

“Explain the Bible with the example of Miley Cyrus.”

Create a game that accommodates four players. The only materials required for the game are dice, a string, and a piece of paper.

Business ChatGPT Prompts

Do you require assistance with introducing a speaker? Want a concise summary of your subject? These kinds of prompts can be entered by users to speed up workflow. Below are a few ideas to assist you:

Dr. Smith’s CV, please post it here

Please include a one-paragraph speaker bio on Dr. Smith based on the facts above.

“I’m looking for someone to fill a project manager position in my organisation. Please assist me with compiling a list of references that speaks to my most relevant qualifications for the job.

Use 10 bullet points to summarize the information on muscular hypertrophy above. Ensure that at least five of the points contain the phrase “muscle growth.”

My baking event is the following week. Give me seven savoury recipes that incorporate raisins. 

Parsing Details: In order for ChatGPT to understand the meaning of your query, visitors can provide examples.

“You are responding to queries as a nutrition and weight reduction specialist. as a teacher, respond:

Client: Could you figure out how many calories I need to consume each day in order to lose 50 pounds in a year? Beginning weight is 200 kg.

“Identify 5 possible areas for improvement for a food delivery app.”

Response Length: You can also choose whether you want a sentence-length response or a longer reply.

Using “Please create a 300-word summary of this article” rather than “Summarise this article.”

Would you be able to improve, alter, and convert my CV to a two-page document?

Industry Insights: Using ChatGPT, you can get advice on company workflows and procedures.

Examine all of your sources for the greatest UX/UI techniques. I require assistance with creating an easy-to-use navigating system for my new dating app. 

“I need some advice on creating an efficient cybersecurity strategy that will take my financial startup’s needs into account.”

“Can you assist me in creating a sound strategy for enhancing my eCommerce site that offers jewellery that is hypoallergenic?”

Educational ChatGPT Prompts

You can utilize ChatGPT to research areas of study or validate preexisting knowledge bases. It is beneficial for continuous learners who wish to concentrate on conversational practice, research, and writing as well as students who need a trustworthy study tool. Look at these examples of questions:

“Describe quantum computing.”

I’ll list a few signs that indicate someone’s intestinal health using your most recent expertise in medical diagnostics. I need assistance identifying possible reasons for excruciating stomach pain.   

Send me a 10-item test once you’ve taught me the basics of genealogical. But wait till I answer each question before you give me the solutions.  

Make a game utilizing the laws of thermodynamics. 

Can you revise my research findings and paper on how to be courteous in an Asian conversation?

Debate: Hot button issues-related prompts can offer insightful analysis and strong arguments.

“I’d like you to assume the position of a debater. You will conduct a thorough study on all sides of an issue and offer convincing arguments for each one when I specify a topic. Additionally, you will make debunking claims and offer convincing conclusions supported by the data. It’s about assisted suicide.

Health and Medicine ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT may educate users on the differences between reality and fiction by providing them with a wide range of health and wellness-related topics and scientific results. On the basis of dietary and physical fitness requirements, it can also suggest healthy practices.

“Describe how sugar affects the immune system”. Cite research from science to back up your arguments.

Determine my daily energy expenditure depending on my weekly activity and food consumption.

“Design me a five-day moderate strength training regimen with 10-lb dumbbells.”

“Play the role of a nutritionist and assist me in developing a meal plan that can be made in no more than 30 minutes.”

What medications may I take to treat my gout symptoms? Do you advocate dietary restrictions?

Designer Chat GPT Prompts

Artist and designer prompts can help you come up with new ideas, exchange technical methods, offer advice on aesthetics and typography, and generally make your artistic activities more fruitful, whether you’re a freelance creative or working on a personal project.

“Cayyam, can you create a simple logo for my soap company?”

“I’m creating a website for a California law company. Which typeface and color scheme is ideal for this particular website?

What aspects of my 4 x 4 wood carving artwork determine its pricing the most?

Can you assist me in producing a humorous comic strip featuring a bunny as the primary character?

“How can I develop my own unique style as an artist? Give me the steps I need to do to get going.

What are your packaging recommendations for a premium coffee brand?

Please recommend ten hex color schemes for a private event that celebrates a love of nature.

How can I design a compelling visual that conveys the struggle with mental health?


Your work, relaxation, and other Internet-based activities will be enhanced by ChatGPT. Is it worthwhile to invest time in? Definitely. ChatGPT can enhance your online experience for three main reasons. 

The first is the precise and detailed responses it offers for each prompt – ChatGPT is an AI technology educated on a massive quantity of data, allowing a user to obtain precise and detailed replies to a variety of questions. Second, it’s quick and easy! A response can be produced in minutes with a few keystrokes on the keyboard. 

Finally, ChatGPT makes integration simple. The technology can be included in voice assistants, chatbots, and other conversational AI services that your business requires.  

Because response and troubleshooting are done well, such a tool can help SMEs and companies boost productivity while maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.

Customers can signup and test ChatGPT for free as it is currently in the beta testing stage. The optimum moment to use the tool’s many prompts is now. There will be a tonne of interesting answers that you may use for brainstorming, making to-do lists, and crafting work-related policies.

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