Top 7 Best Free Website Builders for WordPress (2023)

Discover the Best Free Website Builders for WordPress if you’re trying to find the best free WordPress website builder. You’ll find this blog post to be of great value

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about the best free website builder (drag-and-drop) for WordPress. There is no difference between a WordPress page builder and a WordPress website builder.

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Creating an attractive website is not as difficult as it would seem in the modern Internet age, especially with the Best Free Website Builders for WordPress. You can quickly design a website with page builders and a minimum of technical expertise.

You may edit your website with the use of page builders, but you may create beautiful websites with the drag & drop technique.

A Best Free Website Builders for WordPress for small businesses:

Additionally, you could save an extensive amount of money by not hiring a web developer while constructing a website using page builders.

If you hire a web developer for developing your website, they will charge you more. However, using the page builder, you can create your own website for free

How do I find the Best Free Website Builders for WordPress page builder?

How to choose the best page builder for your needs is now the question. This may be a challenging choice because there are so many available Plugins, both free and paid.

Be relaxed because we are here to assist you in locating the best free

 WordPress Page Builders.

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What are Page Builders?

Without needing to write any code, consumers can generate and update content for their websites using page builders.

Usually, they include a graphical experience that enables users to drag and drop items into position, style them as desired, and adjust them accordingly. Because they allow users to generate unique page layouts and content without having to learn how to code, page builders are popular within WordPress users.

With the help of a page builder, you can design any type of page you want by simply dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas. Any design you like can be made using the pre-built pieces.

No Coding Required:

You won’t need to write a single line of code because the Page Builder has an easy drag-and-drop layout. Page Builder generates all the highly effective code for you, eliminating the need for any coding on your part.

Live Page Editing:

Live editing is supported by Page Builder. You can view your content and edit gadgets in real-time with this tool. It’s the quickest method to build a page and rapidly edit your information.

Which are the best free website builders for WordPress page builders?

Let’s get started and find out which Free Page Builder is the finest. Below is a list of the best 7 WordPress website builders of (2023).




Brizy Builder

Beaver Builder

Site origin


Gutenberg (Block Editor)

Free WordPress Page Builder

The internal project of the WordPress core team is called Gutenberg. The block-based Editor or Whole Site modifying, which employs the WordPress Classic Editor as its predecessor Block-based themes.

You can utilize a variety of ‘blocks’ to alter the editor’s default settings for your material and design.

The foundation of Gutenberg blocks. Blocks and shortcodes can be used to build pages. All components of your site now have a modular design thanks to the block editor. You can use the to Gutenberg Blocks plugin and increase the WordPress block editor’s capability.

Top features of Gutenberg

No installation of another WordPress Page Builder is required.

Has a lot of choices for building a good page.

Has Pre-build items like Table, Button, Text Column, adjustable fonts, etc.

Gutenberg-compatible WordPress themes.

ShopMaina, Zita


Free WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is the best free page builder for WordPress that is also free. This drag-and-drop page builder includes numerous features, incorporating quick live editing and fast page loading capabilities.

Additionally, Elementor offers 100+ gorgeous pre-built blocks, addons, and full-page WordPress templates for you to select from. They can be altered to reflect your unique design.

Top features of Elementor

Because it has an advanced drag-and-drop editor, you can effortlessly customise your website.

A highly responsive live editing tool is available with this builder. It facilitates the creation of stunning websites.

Moving Effects, which help you design Animations for your website, have been launched.

Comes with Marketing automation and CRM integrations.

Elementor-compatible WordPress themes.

Zita- Best Elementor Templates and add-ons.

The Shop Mania– Best Elementor Templates

OceanWp– Elementor templates and extensions.


Spectra page builder 31

The dragging and dropping page builder Spectra was created to work perfectly with the WordPress block editor. Together with a number of creative block patterns, it enhances the editor by adding blocks, templates, and wireframes.

Spectra doesn’t rely on third-party dependencies, ensuring speedy page loading times. It pioneers a new category of page builders, advancing the WordPress block editor and providing clever solutions for common issues encountered with existing page builders.

Top features of Spectra

Zero learning curve

Flexbox containers for responsive design

Designed for fast page load times

Adds blocks, templates, wireframes, and block patterns

Copy and paste the styles tool

Advanced block presets 

Spectra Compatible WordPress themes

The Shop Mania, Astra

Brizy Builder

top 5 best Free WordPress Page Builder

Another WordPress page builder is Brizy. Brizy Builder offers various distinctive features and a simple visual interface for creating WordPress pages.

Additionally, a drag-and-drop page builder is included. You can add pre-made Block designs from it to your page.

There are a few cloud-based autosave options in Brizy. As you construct your page, this ensures that the cloud saves your work consistently, preventing any loss.

Top features of Brizy

Brizy has over 150+ Pre Made Blocks and templates.

It has switched instantly to Mobile View mode.

Drag the handle that emerges across columns to change their size of them, using the percentage values shown at the top.

Brizy compatible WordPress themes.

WpZita- Brizy Templates and Blocks.

Shop Mania -Brizy Templates and Blocks.

Beaver Builder

beaver builder review 32

On the front end of your WordPress website, there is a versatile dragging-and-dropping page builder called The Beaver Builder.

It includes reusable templates that you can use to easily develop new pages for your website. You may create designs using these templates, and they can be stored and used indefinitely. It contains certain premium features that are already built-in and will assist you in building a stunning website.

Top features of Beaver Builder

It has Live, Front End Editing.

Content Modules: HTML, Photo, Text Editor, Audio, Video, & Sidebar

Photo, color, and video row backgrounds.

Works with Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types.

Beaver Builder is compatible with WordPress themes.

Ultimate Addons, WpZita

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

how to find best Free WordPress Page Builder

A responsive grid-based page builder for WordPress is called Siteorigin. Its user interface resembles WordPress.

This builder utilizes common WordPress widgets and has a drag-and-drop user interface. It allows for real-time modification. You can view your content and edit widgets in real time with this tool. It’s the quickest way to quickly and easily change your content.

Top features of SiteOrigin

Page Builder supports live editing

Comes with Row and Widget Styles.

SiteOrigin compatible WordPress themes.

SiteOrigin, Zita


pagelayer builder

You may quickly and easily construct any layout you can think of using the free drag-and-drop PageLayer Page Builder. No coding knowledge is necessary! You have complete control over responsiveness with PageLayer. 

Easily create responsive websites or change options as necessary to make sure your WordPress website looks fantastic on mobile and tablet. The PageLayer Page Builder offers all the tools necessary to build a solid responsive website.

Top features of PageLayer

Drag & Drop Editor

Add rows and columns

Basic Widgets

Real-time builder

Inline editing

PageLayer-compatible WordPress theme

ShopMania Theme, Zita Theme

Which one should I Best Free Website Builders for WordPress page builder?

As you can see from the data provided above, we went into great detail about the Best Free WordPress Page Builder Drag and Drop for WordPress.

Which option is best for you is up to you. Use of Elementor is advised. Because it delivers regular upgrades and new additions, has practically all the functions you could ever need.

You can utilize WpZita to apply the Elementor template. Excellent readymade importable Elementor Templates are available from them.

You ought to find the best free WordPress page builder with the assistance of this blog post, we hope. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have by leaving a comment below, and we will try our best to assist you.

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