5 ways i'm using ai to make money
When I start work with the help of ai, how to make money with ai Sincerely, it has changed the game. For instance, I was able to DOUBLE my salary the previous year without overtime work because to AI. While keeping my business strategy unchanged and abstaining from hiring additional personnel, the only element that experienced a notable transformation was my adoption of AI to foster a more efficient and productive work environment. I therefore decided to reveal a few of the ways I’m using AI to generate income as of 2023.

YouTube is top listed in how to make money with ai

Since a few years ago, I’ve been making secret YouTube channels. I now have a handful of channels in a variety of “boring” themes. However, when used together, they result in a sizable monthly revenue from both affiliate sales and YouTube Adsense. Most of the films I create are evergreen, implying that the information should remain relevant for at least a few years. I also make movies on goods I can market using an affiliate link, which allows the videos to generate income even if the channel isn’t Adsense-monetized. Though it takes a lot of effort to come up with video subjects, titles, and scripts, particularly if you’re a solopreneur who is always managing multiple tasks. I started utilizing the Jasper AI writing assistant last year to hasten the procedure. Jasper has the ability to generate ideas for video topics, SEO-friendly names, script outlines, hooks, and introductions I may utilize Jasper’s “Compose” function to complete the gaps for each portion of my screenplay once I have my outline. To provide a clear illustration of how this appears from my perspective,
After that, I use the script for recording a voiceover for the clip and combine it into a “faceless” tutorial-style video. Jasper is capable of crafting SEO-friendly YouTube descriptions.. This is the best way to make money with AI.

How to generate income from online products like ebooks, audiobooks, workbooks, etc.

I have been creating simple digital products like ebooks, workbooks, and audiobooks for over a decade. I’m growing old, man. Each of them is a minor resource that boosts my company’s revenue. And I can assure you that it ADDS UP! Although it has always been very simple to develop and sell online products, the creation of content is now more quicker and simpler thanks to AI tools like Jasper.

Here’s an example —

Let’s assume I have a concept for a digital “workbook” to aid independent contractors in improving their money management. Starting with my extensive self-employment experience, it’s crucial to note I possess some subject knowledge. It’s important to clarify that I’m not relying on Jasper or ChatGPT for reliable information.

Hot Take: Don’t use AI to create digital goods on subjects you have no knowledge of.

Yet, I would use Jasper’s “chat” function to create a framework for my workbook in order to hasten the idea-gathering and outlining process. The results that Jasper provides me with are often not used by me as-is, but they are usually an excellent place to start. The best part is that it just took 30 seconds as opposed to the 10 to 30 minutes it could have taken me to come up with a similar layout on my own. Jasper may then offer possible pieces of material for each component, which I can subsequently alter and tweak as necessary. I also add my individual thoughts, arguments, paragraphs, section titles, etc.

Keep in mind that this is a tool to HELP, not to REPLACE you.

Then, I use Canva to prepare the material into a PDF workbook. Afterwards I submit it to ConvertKit, one of my preferred websites for selling digital goods, and use cheap Pinterest advertising ($.10 to $.15 CPC) to get purchases. Here’s an example of what a ConvertKit landing page looks like: Obviously, you are not required to utilize ConvertKit Additionally, I’ve made sales of digital goods on Teachable, Etsy, Gumroad, and my personal website(s). To multiply the effect of your efforts, you might advertise your online products on your YouTube channel, hint, wink.

Online Courses

Let’s simply start by saying that I possess a lengthy and sorted background with online courses. Yet, I genuinely believe that one of the best methods to generate significant online money in 2023 will STILL be through online courses. I operated my business as my own brand from 2013 until 2019. I also marketed online courses where I served as both the trainer and the public face of my company. Because individuals could relate to me individually, my courses marketed incredibly well when I presented them as a personal brand instead of a publisher brand. The less favorable feature was that I was quite worn out while doing it. Therefore, I stopped offering my previous online courses and switched to a publisher model. Even if I no longer develop online courses as an independent business, I continue to do it nowadays as a PUBLISHER. I am no more the public face of my company, to put it another way. Nowhere on the internet would you see my face lecturing a course. Rather, I develop specialized brands based on certain subjects, after which I produce online courses to market alongside the brand. Using Jasper to aid in the creation of an online course follows a procedure that is fairly similar to that of producing any other digital good. Jasper will first be tasked with coming up with potential course titles and a sample outline. This is also best way to make money with ai.

Affiliate Content is top listed in how to make money with ai

If you’ve ever put “how to make money online” onto a search engine, I guarantee that among the first results you got was “affiliate marketing.” The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you may earn money by advertising other people’s goods. Customer service, inventory, and overhead do not exist. When you are unaware of how to build affiliate content that generates sales, it’s incredibly difficult to make money with affiliate marketing. The majority of individuals get stranded here. It reminds me of the South Park scene when the knickers gnomes attempt to clarify how they want to make money by stealing people’s knickers. Phase 1: Steal underpants Phase 2: …???… Phase 3: Profit!!! But what happens in Phase 2? Phase 2 is the content and message utilized in affiliate marketing to persuade customers to buy the product you are advertising so that you can earn a commission. It comes out that most individuals find this phase to be quite challenging. But here’s where AI may be useful. I’ve discovered a number of templates in Jasper to be quite helpful when it comes to writing content to advertise affiliate items.

There are:

  • AIDA Framework,
  • PAS Framework,
  • Persuasive Bullet Points
  • Before-After-Bridge Framework,
  • Mini VSL (video sales letter), and
  • Landing page template. These are marketing templates that you can complete with information about the product you intend to sell. They’ll help craft compelling content for your online platforms: website, email, social media, YouTube, TikTok, and more.
To market whatever it is you’re trying to sell, you can also utilize the  Jasper Chat feature and request it to write you an article, sales pages, social media posts, etc. Here is a very basic illustration of how to create affiliate material using Jasper. For this demonstration, I’ll visit Amazon and select this random dog feeder and water dispenser. If you participate in the Amazon Associates programme, each time someone clicks on your link and purchases this item, you may earn around $3:

Publishing is top listed in how to make money with ai

I saved this particular one for last since I am aware that it is quite divisive. I’m aware that there are folks out there that use ChatGPT to produce shoddy content in large volumes and try to resell it as a “book” on Amazon. Because I don’t believe those folks will ultimately succeed, I’m going to strongly advise you NOT to do that.

First off all, Amazon is not a fool.

I go at self-publishing Facebook and Discord groups, and I see that a lot of people who try to game the system get their accounts suspended. I just heard about a man who was earning six figures per MONTH on Amazon KDP before having his account suspended for violating the TOS by employing plagiarised AI content. The risk is simply not worthwhile. When it comes to employing AI-generated content, particularly for publishing on Amazon, exercising utmost caution is imperative. This precaution is vital if your goal is to establish a sustainable and profitable foothold in the self-publishing industry. You should at minimum include a lot of original content, rephrasing any AI-generated text, editing, proofreading, and running a plagiarism checker on the piece. If you are able to afford it, hiring a professional editor would be even better. However, when it comes to publication, there are still certain ethical use cases for AI. In 2023, I’ll be employing it in the following ways at my publishing company:
  • Idea generation
  • Outline organization
  • Title/subtitle ideas
  • Book descriptions
  • Sales page content.
I could say a lot more regarding this, but I’m going to stop there for the time being. Oh my., that was a lot. Congratulations if you have made it this far. I have a lot to say about this subject since I like it, so if something really interested you, please leave a comment, and I’ll try to write a follow-up. I’d also like to know if you intend to apply AI for financial gain in 2023. Check out our website to know about best free video editing app for android without watermark: click here